There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
— From Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Your Beautiful Mind: an integration of all that you are.


your beautiful mind


 You will 

Re-connect-  with your true Self, where you are only limited by your imagination...

Re-member -  which means  literally basking in the flow of life’s rhythms and patterns, using all your abilities including intuition, imagination, co-incidences, synchronicity. Life will literally  flow for you rather than against you. You will know when to go-with-the-flow, to stop, reflect, to wait, observe, see the triggers and patterns...

Re-fresh - accessing unlimited energy and vitality where you see life through your own beautiful, crystal clear mind, knowing- yes knowing - you  have all the answers within...

Re-Set -  where "I am everything and I am nothing."  Where "my thoughts and my beliefs are literally my destiny." Where "it really is ok to be me." Where  "We are all as one." 

You will REFLECT | RELEASE | REPAIR | RESET at will,

knowing your triggers and patterns, in alignment with nature and the the many forces, rhythms and cycles in our universe.


You will   continually live from the answer...because the only true teacher is within...

And you'll realise that in the outward manifestation, the teacher, truth, course, path you choose to take from now on, in your life, is the right one for you.  


You will know your thoughts and beliefs. You will choose what to think and believe and therefore stress will be a thing of the past.

Thus 80% of all ill health will no longer affect you. 

Continual new levels of awareness will be yours with higher and better forms of expression.

You will continually live  in an peaceful clear inner state of accepting | realising | and living |

 Continually holding a vision of peace, happiness and vitality, 

managing your 24/7 world. moving through uncertainty, change at will.

managing your 24/7 world. moving through uncertainty, change at will.

  • You have moved beyond the world you see and believe to be real and believe you cannot or must not change.
  • Instead, you live from the answer - from inside of you - in your own beautiful mind.
  • You understand that the world, the universe, your mind, is not static. That we live in a 24/7 ever changing world. And that you, too, need to continually evolve. REFLECT | RELEASE | REPAIR | RESET is the answer to a beautiful mind. 
  • You are ready to let go of believing you need or are depending upon anything or anyone outside of  your own beautiful mind - in any aspect of your life. 
  • You have now attained an awareness to realise who and what you are capable of doing and being and start living it.
I had no idea how to go with the flow. My physical health was beginning to suffer, and my partner and I were discussing separating, this was the turning point for me. I knew I had to take my life into my own hands. I’m not one for trusting others. Ann’s given me an introduction to my Self with a capital S. I can go within, I’m trusting in myself! I can see much more clearly now. Imagination and intuition? Wow! I’m a man, always teased for not being in touch – Ann talks about imagination raising my energy and how it can move me forward. I can vouch for that and thank her for that if nothing else LOL. I’m no longer stuck and I am in control. That’s what Ann’s help has shown me. I’ve done the work, I realise it is all inside of me – Ann showed me the way and that’s what counts.
— PB Oxford


It is as though the whole world
Is waiting for you to become your Self
Now, if each one accepts this in the heart,
Then where is the world?
— Mooji