"Your best friend is your own mind and your own warm-heartedness. They will give you your inner peace and happiness."

The Dalai Lama 

I invite you to meet with your "Beautiful Mind"  where sustained peace, love and happiness reside. I offer you guidance, support and coaching in exploring and maintaining your wellbeing and how to age well. 

You can meet with me on skype calls, email conversations and in person counselling.

I believe in helping others who are open to personal and spiritual growth. Who recognise their inner world will affect how they manage their outer world or, who would like to know how to go about understanding this sacred space...
 i look forward to meeting with you over the sound waves!

i look forward to meeting with you over the sound waves!

I'd love to help you access your True Self.

My complicated and oftentimes hard mission throughout my life has been searching for meaning. Well, I've remembered what I've forgotten, I've awakened to my true self. How did I do that? Would you believe after countless years searching 'out there' in the big wide outer world, I realised that it was inside of me all along! In my own Beautiful Mind. It's here where the source of peace, happiness and joy reside. It's here where I encountered blocks that needed to be freed. So I  bring to you intuition, imagination and spiritual awareness alongside everyday thinking and feeling to reshape your inner world for outer bliss.

Who am I?

Some  call me a transformation catalyst (a catalyst for the changes essential to your personal growth and llife challenges) others call me a Life Coach, Counsellor or even a Healer and a Dream Catcher... 

...but first, whatever my name, the important thing is you need to feel ok with me.

So you need to have a sense of me. Please talk with me or write to me. There's absolutely no obligation here just connect and let's see what happens. What is important is that you alone are the pattern maker and breaker of your own reality. You have the choice to connect with whomever you want whenever you want. I'm here, we can meet face to face, on skype calls and email conversations and I'll deem it an honour to connect for however long our time together. 

 I’m of the era that expects to live my life honestly kindly and compassionately gained through my own self will, self confidence and self sufficiency.

  • I don't subscribe to any system looking after me completely or being shoved aside by society and on a heap because I have reached my sixth, seventh or any other decade for that matter. Each decade of life brings change and transition. I've learned how to move through them with alacrity gaining vitality as I go.
  • I understand that it is my life and I have a choice: it's in my interest for my own wellbeing to learn how to re-align (balance) myself at will. I know how fear will be replaced by inner strength, clarity, peace of mind, happiness and self confidence.
  • I've dedicated over 30 years to reflecting, releasing, repairing and resetting my thoughts and feelings at will. I understand my triggers, patterns and rhythms. I can see when to go with the flow, when to retreat, when and how to release, all vital in this 24/7 full on technological world. Of course there are some steps backwards as well as huge steps forwards in life, but when you can empower yourself at will you'll find you can flow through challenges.  

 I made the choice to free my Mind from overwhelming thoughts, negativity and limiting beliefs.


_I'm just a soul whose intentions are good_ copy 3.jpg

I've chosen to take back my personal power and become the master of my own thoughts and feelings, beliefs and values in my own Beautiful Mind. I now live out my life through my own perspective, with free flowing thoughts and mindful action. I live in detachment,  in gratitude, harmony and happiness.  


Got to share - I've written countless e-books over my 30 years and 10,000 hours with clients I've noticed amazing patterns in how we heal and how powerful our mind can be once we've begun to live on the inside. So it's time to share - when I'm not meeting with you my clients, I'm writing writing writing! Love to share with you on my facebook page or join my community for monthly emails...


I’m writing a novel about Meeting and Living inside your Beautiful Mind.

It’s called The God Enzyme: A deep and passionate relationship between two people in their sixties. 

As the couple awaken and step into their personal power,  grasping what it means to be whole and in harmony, they’re faced with a profound world shattering secret. A secret so awesome, those who hold world power will never want revealed. 

It's here, in their Beautiful Minds, where the battle for True Love, Happiness and Freedom begins. 

Want to know more? Read excerpts, discuss the finer points? You should. Because the outcome of their battle promises to be life-changing for us all. Join My Community and follow me on Facebook

“We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

 If what you've read about me resonates, i invite you to call me. or email. I'd love to hear from you let's reach out together, meet, talk or skype through a  Discovery session? if i cant help you I'll find someone who can! no obligation

If what you've read about me resonates, i invite you to call me. or email. I'd love to hear from you let's reach out together, meet, talk or skype through a  Discovery session? if i cant help you I'll find someone who can! no obligation


I've lived and worked around the world, including Boston USA, Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and Monte Carlo, Europe, London and Oxford UK.

What do I do? Well, over the past 30 years I've been 'pigeonholed into boxes' as a counsellor, psychotherapist,  mentor, coach and healer, Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner and Bach Flower Remedies Counsellor.

Over the years, and over 10,000hours working with others,  I realise I can't be pigeon holed into a box. And neither should you by the way. We are diamonds with many facets!

What I can say, is I've observed various patterns within people.  That, together with my own self development is how I've learned I'm a Transformation Catalyst. I help and support you to see how to move through changes, challenges and uncertainty, enabling you to live  in harmony. In alignment with your own singing heart and your own Beautiful Mind.   Everything I share and support you along your journey I've  eiher experienced myself or witnessed countless others going through a similar process. To ease the process I've developed these four steps toward self-alignment. 


Ia 1996, after three years in the Caribbean and Boston USA studying Wellness Programmes in the Community,  I set up a clinic in the UK, "Harmony in Health." In the early years,  most of my clients came via private word-of-mouth recommendation.

Since then and right up to this day, I continue my consultancy work in the community working alongside various ageing well projects. Currently I'm helping in the south west of UK in the Torbay Area with the Community Building Ageing Well project.

From 2002, my referrals increasingly came from professionals in the business community and the public sector. And for seven years,  I worked for the UK  NHS employee wellbeing programme, particularly retirement, transition, ageing well issues.  You can also check out my NHS and business references on Linked In. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/annbruce where you see I now write on Ageing Well issues and Awakening to your Beautiful Mind.

In 2010 I moved to Devon where  I spent four years in seclusion and meditation. I was exhausted, having worked 7 days a week for many years averaging 30-40 clients a week. It is from this period of seclusion I began to write about the patterns and processes toward self-alignment. I am particularly interested in Ageing Well, Awakening and Remembering our Divinity. I write about Love, Laughter and Relationships and Transitions. 

in 2016 I set up what is my fourth website MEET YOUR BEAUTIFUL MIND.

 Tanmayi is my given spiritual name meaning " harmonious oneness"  A name I've taken to heart throughout my life journey.

I've  nearly  30 years and 10,000 hours of expertise in exploring  with clients what I call Soul Journey issues or Self-alignment questions:

  •  The  Who am I/where am I going thoughts.
  • How can I balance my inner world with my outer world?
  • In fact, where is my inner world how can I access it?
  • What is my/the purpose of life?
  • Why me, why this, why now?  

Deep and meaningful questions so many of us experience at some time or another and  more so, when we reach and continue through our fifth decade into the middle and later years.

 I've had those thoughts ever since I was three ... in fact, it's been my mission throughout my life to discover answers, living my life in harmon, without attachment in peace happiness and joy. 


Thank you so much for coming to talk to our patients. (They) found it very helpful and enjoyed talking with you afterwards in depth. I hope you come again...

(C.J. palliative care nurse)

You do make a big difference to people's mindset...

(Occupational Health Advisor at KML)

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ann

( UK NHS Oxon. & Bucks. Mental Health Authority)

I would highly recommend Ann to any medical practice or patient. This work is very much needed...

(Dr G. Pearson. UK London GP)

Ann has an impressive record of moving individuals forward. An expert practitioner who is a great asset...(UK NHS Occupational Health Advisor)

Some say I am a transformational catalyst, and how I transform lives. Maybe. What I do know is that I walk my talk ...