"Your best friend is your own mind and your own warm-heartedness. They will give you your inner peace and happiness."

The Dalai Lama


Some say I am a transformational catalyst, and how I transform lives. Maybe. What I do know is that I walk my talk ...

 I bring together intuitive, imagination and spiritual understanding (which we all have) alongside everyday thinking and feeling.  Because, you see, most of us don't realise we all  have a beautiful mind. Yes, indeed, every single one of us can reshape our inner world for outer bliss.  This is what I know I can truly offer you ....

i look forward to meeting with you over the sound waves!

i look forward to meeting with you over the sound waves!

I'd love to help you access your own innate wisdom. Your True Self.

 I don't know about you, but most of us have a struggle sometimes to balance our wellbeing in this 24/7 full-on technological age. Yes, I'd been working too hard and yes, I'd had some serious personal issues, resulting in my immune system breaking down. In those days there wasn't a name for it  (now known as ME.)  I became seriously ill, my energy was at zero and vitality, peace, inner happiness? They were at zero too. 

 I've learned that whilst we all live a life of uncertainty and have similar challenges, it's only when we are willing to look inside and meet our beautiful mind, when we learn how to move through change and uncertainty and align ourselves with what makes our heart sing that stress and anxiety are alleviated. One's outlook and approach changes and life transforms. Whatever the challenge life really does transform, in alignment with one's True Self.

Back to when I was ill - I realised I was totally out of alignment  with me, and with the universe I lived in.

Here's some of the experiences you can have when out of  alignment  

  • nothing seems to feel right, there is an edginess to everything around you,
  • somehow your thoughts aren't your own,
  • questions are asked within you that you don't have the answers to, in fact, where did the questions come from in the first place?
  • resulting in more edginess, then little physical symptoms agitate you.....I could go on!

For me, I began to ask am I human or something else?

 I decided I wanted to be human. Yes, technology is essential, but I don't need to be driven by it or overwhelmed by it, and  my energy and vitality,  plus Inner peace and happiness are truly vital to my wellbeing. Without them I am depleted, open to illness and anxiety attacks, fear can take a hold of me.  

I learned how to  step-out of overwhelm and fear, reflect at 'this reality,' release  negativity and repair myself in many ways - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   I became skilled in doing this, because I could see how the world presented me with continuous challenges, and therefore it was hugely in my interest to take responsibility for my own wellbeing.

I now understand my  triggers, patterns and rhythms, (you and I have physical/emotional rhythms, resonating with the environment, the sun and moon and the time of year to name but a few. It makes sense to live in alignment with them because it means you can go with the flow of life as opposed to against them where you'll find stress, uncertainty and fear lies)  now  I can see when to go-with-the-flow, when to retreat, when and how to release vital in the age we live in.

I realise I have all the answers I  need - and ironically they are within my own Self. In my own Beautiful Mind in alignment with my heart. Heart and Mind as One.

We are all born with innate wisdom - we can all do this. I promise you. 

I believe in helping others who are open to personal and spiritual growth. Who recognise their inner world will affect how they manage their outer world or, who would like to know how to go about understanding this sacred space...
i have deep meaningful discussions with animals too!

i have deep meaningful discussions with animals too!

If what you've read about me resonates, do call and let's talk. See if how I sound resonates with you too! Why not call me or email for a Discovery session?

If what you've read about me resonates, do call and let's talk. See if how I sound resonates with you too! Why not call me or email for a Discovery session?


 Tanmayi is my given spiritual name meaning " harmonious oneness"  I've  nearly  30 years and 10,000 hours of expertise in exploring  with clients what I call Soul Journey questions - you know - the  Who am I/where am I going?/what is my/the purpose of life? Why me, why this, why now? Deep and meaningful questions that so many of us have,  I've had those thoughts ever since I was three - really...


What do I do? Well, over the 30 years I've been 'pigeonholed into boxes' like counsellor, psychotherapist,  mentor, coach and healer.   Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner and Bach Flower Remedies Counsellor. But over the years, and thousands of hours working with others, I've seen the patterns within people and I've learned it's how I do it.  I transform people: I'm a Transformation Catalyst. I help people to see how to move through changes, challenges and uncertainty, enabling them to live their lives in harmony. In their own Truth - not through anyone else's truth - in alignment with their own singing heart and their own beautiful mind

In 1996,  I set up a clinic, "Harmony in Health." In the early years,  most of my clients came via  private word-of-mouth recommendation. From 2002, my referrals increasingly came from professionals in the business community and the public sector. And for seven years,  I worked for the NHS supporting their own staff.  Please check out my NHS and business references on Linked In. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/annbruce


Thank you so much for coming to talk to our patients. (They) found it very helpful and enjoyed talking with you afterwards in depth. I hope you come again...

(C.J. palliative care nurse)

You do make a big difference to people's mindset...

(Occupational Health Advisor at KML)

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ann

(Oxon. & Bucks. Mental Health Authority)

I would highly recommend Ann to any medical practice or patient. This work is very much needed...

(Dr G. Pearson. London GP)

Ann has an impressive record of moving individuals forward. An expert practitioner who is a great asset...(NR Occupational Health Advisor)