I’m here to introduce you to your Beautiful Mind.
To provide you with a guide to thinking happy thoughts. The most powerful relationship you will ever have is with your Self.
— Ann Tanmayi

THINK yourself into HAPPINESS

You can reshape your inner world for outer bliss.

 It is your life and your CHOICE.

You can begin to master your mind at any age because your ability to achieve this has nothing to do with a number.

I'll support you and guide you through 4-steps of self-alignment

REFLECT:  Join me, take time out and meet the space inside yourself where reflection will bring you clarity and inner peace of mind.   I'll also send you  remote healing in our time together.

 RELEASE:  And Relax. Nothing is worth losing your inner-peace - at any stage of your life. Together we'll clear your life and your mind-set of unnecessary  negativity, frustration, suffering, worry or anxiety. I'll also put together an MP3 personalised recording for use outside of our sessions and I'll teach you how to put a recording together yourself. 

REPAIR: I will support your heart, mind and soul with beautiful and effective homeopathic herbal remedies.   I will teach you how to prescribe Bach Remedies for yourself, family and friends. 

RESET: All along I will support you in understanding how to re-dress any imbalance within your inner and outer world. What it means for you when you experience difficulties in processing the outer (material) world alongside your own thoughts and emotions. Reset is the ability ro put into practise all the tools you need to ensure your inner and outer world remain in harmony, And the confidence to realign at will.  

 This is what I know I can offer you

You see, most of us don't realise we all  have a beautiful mind.  We all face change and shifts in life. Every single on of us has intuition, imagination and spiritual awareness alongside everyday thinking and feeling. Over the years I've observed there is a process we go through when we move through change and transition successfully. I've narrowed them into four keys of alignment. Reflect, Release and Relax, Repair and Reset. Once you understand the process your mindset has to move through you'll have the keys to thinking yourself into happiness. You too can reshape your inner world for outer bliss. 

We all have the keys to happiness, the trick is learning how to use them. 


Ann listens, she has a way about her that puts you immediately at ease. She helped me get to the heart of the matter with ways forward that were so right for me.
— MG, Windsor UK