I’m here to introduce you to your Beautiful Mind.
Because what you think - and how you manage your thoughts and feelings - WILL affect how you handle and cope with life and its ups and downs. So doesn’t it make sense to know more?
— Ann Tanmayi


Every one of us can reshape our inner world for outer bliss.

Your thoughts and your beliefs literally manifest in your outer reality. You are what you think. And how you feel.

We all experience stress because it is the inability to manage our outer world and is increasingly depleting our personal health and wellbeing until we learn how to re-align.

I'll guide you through 4-steps of self-alignment

for you to manage 24/7 living at will.

REFLECT: Gift yourself the time and space to reflect.  Join me and meet your true Self. Receive  remote healings included in our time together.

 RELEASE:  Nothing is worth losing your inner-peace. Clear your life and your mind-set of unnecessary  negativity, frustration, suffering or anxiety. Receive an MP3 personalised recording and learn how to put a recording together yourself. 

REPAIR: Allow yourself to be supported by beautiful and effective homeopathic herbal remedies  Bach Remedies giving your heart, soul and mind a longed-for alignment. Learn how to prescribe them  for yourself, family and friends if you wish. 

RESET:  Back to default, where your heart and mind are as one, singing to the rhythm of life, in harmony in your inner and outer worlds. Able to re-align at will.

Some say I am a transformational catalyst, and how I transform lives.

Maybe. What I do know is that I walk my talk...

 I bring together intuitive, imagination and spiritual awareness alongside everyday creative thinking and feeling.  You see, most of us don't realise we all  have a beautiful mind. Every one of us can reshape our inner world for outer bliss.  This is what I know I can truly offer you ....

I had no idea what to expect. In fact Ann confirmed that there are no expectations or judgements. That we are all different, although deep, inside we really are as one. So why did I connect with her? I liked the website and her tone of voice on the podcast which made SO MUCH SENSE. I reasoned I had nothing to lose. I can only say our work together changed my way I view my world. So I’m happy to give this testimonial. She’s flexible on times to speak too, which is brilliant for me as I live in the States!
— SS. Boston MA

 *  Stress is the cause of much of your ill-health, relationships challenges and time management issues. Stress undermines your body's capacity to deal with inflammation. 

Google the word stress you will get 4 million links.

WHAT IS STRESS?        'Simply' your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and  values, and how YOU allow them to CONTROL your life.  Therefore, how you function, how you behave, how you relate with others, how you manage the inevitable ups and downs of life - uncertainty and change  - are all affected by the thoughts and feelings and beliefs you hold inside of you. Doesn't it make sense to know  the best way forward for you to reshape your 'inner world' to ensure outer bliss? And naturally? At will?