Walking on water isn’t for anyone.
Did you know that water can change state - it can be stagnant, it can flow, it can be solid and it can be ether?

I invite you to meet your Beautiful Mind and THINK yourself into Happiness




 Our sessions together are designed to inform, support and empower you.

Our time together will help you understand how you think and how you look out onto your world. 

You'll be in touch with what makes your heart sing and learn how you can live in alignment with mind and heart  in this 24/7 challenging world where   peace, harmony, joy and happiness is vital to maintain balance and wellbeing as we age.


Re-Connection - One

During our time together you will receive - if you wish -  3 Bach Remedy Bottles. I will  introduce you to how you can prescribe them for yourself. 

 In my experience these gentle and safe natural remedies help to

  •  Re-set  and lift chronic emotional and mental states allowing you to move  through challenge and uncertainty in your life.
  •  Restore equilibrium within your moods.
  •  Re-connect to your True Self: an alignment with heart and mind.

Re-Connection - Two

One personalised MP3 to enable you to open up your mind set and introduce you to your imagination and intuitive self, integrating them with your thoughts and feelings.  I can show you how you can put together an MP3 for yourself. 

Re-Connection - Three

Two remote healing sessions are available if you wish.  I will show you how you can 'enter' or 'journey inside' your own body/mind. Another skill to empower you for the rest of your life.

My programme is based upon

  1. The fact that we all have the capability to 'live from the answer'  and that answer is within our own Beautiful Mind.
  2. The fact that you and I live in a 24/7 ever changing world. I learned how I  needed to continually evolve in my mind in order to function.  REFLECT | RELEASE | REPAIR RESET empowered me to understand myself giving me energy and vitality and an unlimited source of peace, joy and compassion. You can do this too
  3. Understanding and experiencing how this world, the universe, your mind and my mind, is not static, neither is it linear, from this I learned free flowing thoughts and mindful action.
  4. My own life journey and self-development and synthesis of "what has worked well" through analysing over 10,000 client hours witnessing the transformation of others over the years as a Transformational Catalyst.


Stress & Fear will be a thing of the past.



Our Commitment to each other.

managing your 24/7 world. moving through uncertainty, change at will.

managing your 24/7 world. moving through uncertainty, change at will.

For me to introduce you to your beautiful mind and for you to receive all of the above services and more which can include one or more of:

  • How you can put together your own homeopathic medicine

  • How to write (and tweak) your very own  personalised mp3 healing meditation.

  • How to 'look' at  and 'travel inside' your body/mind

There are 3 ways we can connect: 

  •  I ask for  a commitment of 9 sessions. I have found this seems to be the average and at that time,  or thereabouts,  we review your remarkable achievements :-)

I do guarantee achievement, because, put simply, if you put your 'mind' to this, you will transform.

  • If you feel, at the beginning, your mind cannot commit to 9 sessions, I offer an exploratory session looking at what you want to achieve.

Rest assured, if  I can't help I will find others who can!

  • Please know, I  do offer concessionary rates And where appropriate I do encourage you to exchange with me a payment you decide on the basis of your happiness and satisfaction as our work progresses. 
  • If you aren't working, low waged or retired, do, please call me. Life is always about ups and downs, the trick is how to flow through them. I will show you how you can move through challenges, reflecting, releasing, repairing and resetting at will where you are continually in the flow of Life. No longer will you feel it is always an uphill struggle.

You'll need to have a sense of me first. So give me a call, let's have an exploratory talk. 

Drop me a line, leave me your number if you'd like me to call you or choose Skype?  If I can't help I will do my utmost to point you in another direction, I promise.

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