Your Mind and Body as One

Tip for Today - Listen to your body.



Your body speaks to you. Those aches and pains, creaks and groans. There is no “I” with your body parts. Your arm, finger or nose can only speak of themselves. They know everything about themselves that could be known. 

You can speak to any part of our body as though it is a separate being. You can learn from it what it likes and dislikes. What it’s afraid of and what it lives by, what are it’s interest and needs. What it wishes for, what is pleasant and what dangers threaten.

Imagine if you knew how to live on the inside?  You see, all the answers are inside of you.

Can you see how much more control you would have over your wellbeing? For the prevention of possible illness and for the treatment of those already existing?

These conversations with the consciousness of your own physical body reveals a whole new world!

You alone are the pattern maker and breaker. You can enter into communication with all parts of your Self. 

All you have to do is to meet with your Beautiful Mind!