Managing change and ageing well.


When you are facing a change or uncertainty are you a

'small step' person or do you prefer to take large steps and 'just get on with it?'

One small step ...forwards..maybe backwards...the see-saw effect

One small step ...forwards..maybe backwards...the see-saw effect


When you face change how do you handle it?



Coping with change can be like a game of snakes and ladders, moving forward on, up the steps, only to find yourself suddenly going backwards.  "I don't get it, I was doing so well, now it's as though I've gone a million steps backwards." 


A few steps forward then one step backwards, then 20 steps forwards then one hundred steps backwards...then nothing...a still point...all seems to be well.

Lo and behold the see-saw begins once again. Another challenge, another problem. Which way? How do I cope? I can't do anything, I'm stuck. I don't want to do anything. I'm going to stick. 

A few steps forward..ah yes I'm making headway.  Something happens, something 'beyond my control' and back to square one...

Well no, it's not square one, I know the difference now between square one and square four, I'm on square four. Yes, I'll never need to go back to square one. In fact I don't want to go back there.

....I'm moving through this. At least I'm going to try!

It's almost like being on a see-saw. To move up and down forwards and backwards until we find a new balance a new place inside us, inside our own mind set which fits.


As we move through the process of change it's almost like we move into another place inside our own inner world. 

 You know it's different because you feel more solid, safe and secure. Be aware that experience is telling you that you have a new method of coping for similar future challenges.

Change brings uncertainty.

We are challenged to do something different, to manage our mind thoughts in a new way.  

  • We are literally in a different space in-between our mind thoughts.

  • We're not used to it, it feels different. Thoughts and feelings jump out and in of our 'normal train of thoughts and feelings' 

  •  The  see-saw process kicks in.


We're swinging because we aren't comfortable with what's occurring, we're unsure, we're without a solid foundation, it doesn't feel safe, no, in fact, it feels so new, it's almost as if we are experiencing a  see-saw motion.

 It can feel like the picture: I won't do it I can't do it ...I will do I can't...I must try...I've had enough being this way....i'm trying....bits are working...I can do it!   There..I've done it.  Up and down up and down as self-doubt, recrimination, reflection, hope and, yes, eventually the see-sawing is over, we overcome!  Yes, it fits, we know where we sit, there's a balance, an equilibrium inside of you is restored.

The see-saw remains horizontal.

For a while...

Until the next challenge! Because life is uncertain.


Put things in boxes. We set great store by definition. Things can be more easily understood in terms of what they are not. Some may think of their world in terms of pairs of oppositions. We compare them and make our judgement based on two opposites: right or wrong, black or white.

The line in-between the two definitions can be the see-saw effect.

Instead of following the herd, judging yes or no, right or wrong,  maybe the question to ask yourself is where do I sit on this line? What feels right for you? Delve deep down into your own set of values. Begin to trust in your own mind set. 

What is comfortable? Where am I uncomfortable?  It is in this state you'll experience  the swinging see-saw effect. If your self-worth or confidence, your ability to reflect or understand are lacking, then you'll tend to swing and experience the see saw effect, before your own personal balance is achieved. A measure of you functioning within your own personal balance is a surge in energy and wellbeing. Vitality grows too. 

Are you afraid of Change?

Many people find change a challenge. Of course, because change asks you to examine in your own mind what really works well for you. What frees your heart and mind? When we remain with our 'head stuck in the sand' ignorming the challenge we tend to choose one of the opposites. Yes or no. White or Black.   There is always that option. Many  choose to take that option because its easy and safe, no swinging is experienced.  Vitality won't grow because there is no inner transformation, neither will energy levels increase.

 We live a 24/7 full-on technological world, that never sleeps. Time, although an illusion, is challenging our definitions.  

Life cannot easily fit into a black or white definition. Despite the brave efforts of the human mind, the world is full of uncertainties. 



Build yourself a strong inner world and meet your Beautiful Mind!

A strong foundation inside yourself, a place of inner calm and peace. An unlimited source of compassion, peace and joy.  It is in here, in this sacred space inside of you, where you can sit, reflect, meditate, and let go of overwhelming thoughts and emotions. 

LIVE FROM THE ANSWER and the answer is inside of you.


"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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"We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside." Thich Nhat Hanh