I'd like to introduce you to your

Beautiful Mind

We can 'move through' change and uncertainty, eradicating fear, stress and anxiety if we're willing to look inside and meet our beautiful mind!

So many 21st century problems begin with experiencing mental and emotional disharmony.

We're simply not designed to function 24/7 in this fast becoming full-on technological outer world.

 Imagine your life if you were continually full of vitality?

Where you are of an age that has no age.

Let me introduce you to your inner world




 E Book - Free to you


We all wear masks at some time or another. Here's a little book to stimulate your mind.

  • Are you aware you wear a mask?
  • What impact might it have on you (and others) if you knew you were wearing one?
  • When is it safe to drop it...
  • all this and more will be answered ..

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 Yes My dog honey gets involved in my podcasts too! well she has a pair of earphones...

Yes My dog honey gets involved in my podcasts too! well she has a pair of earphones...

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"Free your Beautiful Mind"

Thoughts going round in your head?

Here's your first step to preventing overwhelming thoughts.  It works - promise! 


FOUR STEPS to Self-alignment


I will introduce you to your intuitive Self, your imagination and your insight. It's your access to your inner world where an unlimited source of joy and vitality awaits. A true alignment between heart and mind.  Your True Self.  

On the inside, your inner world, you'll find  an unlimited source of joy and vitality awaits you.

You'll experience we are the age that has no age!

In a world where you can rest, release, repair, reset and recharge at will. 

Ann Tanmayi:  Transformation Catalyst and Writer with over 30 years professional experience, offers guidance and support in ageing well and exploring "Your Beautiful Mind", where sustained peace, love and happiness reside. 
Ann’s mission is a Silver Revolution - where we live in an age that has no age.